City of Hollister Seeks Community Photographs for the General Plan and its Website

The City of Hollister is currently in the process of updating both our City website and the General Plan; both are slated for completion in the summer of 2023. Both projects will include multiple photographs of varying points of interest throughout Hollister, along with photographs that represent our diverse community. We are asking the community to submit their photos for use in both projects.  All selected photographs will be credited. An online submission page has been developed and will be available online until January 31, 2023.

The City of Hollister is interested in receiving the following types of photographs.

  • City parks
  • Open space
    • Photos of rolling hills
    • Natural areas
    • Heritage trees
    • Street trees
  • Historic photos of Hollister
  • Cultural and historic resources
  • Creeks and waterways
  • Community events and festivals
  • Agriculture
    • Crops
    • Orchards
    • Workers
    • Farmers’ market
  • Arts
    • Murals and other street art
    • Galleries/theater
    • Dance troupes
    • Community art classes