Hollister Fire Department Recruitment

Choosing a career as a Firefighter can be the beginning of a journey, which can lead to one of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding experiences in your life. The following is a brief overview of some of the things that you should know as you consider this career choice. Firefighting is inherently a dangerous occupation. Emergency calls can consist of brush fires, structure fires, automobile accidents, and life-threatening medical emergencies. All must be responded to with urgency and professionalism. Firefighting is very physically demanding. Firefighters carry 80-100 pounds of equipment such as hoses, axes, ladders, chain saws, extinguishers, and medical aid equipment into and around the fire to rescue victims and extinguish the flames. This may include climbing many flights of stairs while fully equipped. The Department provides time and equipment during your shift to maintain the expected level of fitness. Firefighters live one-third of their career life in a fire station, working shifts in 24-hour increments, 9 to 11 times per month. While on duty, firefighters live and sleep in dormitory-style quarters. While not out on a call, firefighters must constantly work at keeping operational skills up to date through constant training, keeping the station and equipment in excellent condition. Much of the firefighters' station time is spent maintaining living quarters, the fire station and the equipment.

A career in Firefighting can be a fulfilling experience. The many personal rewards include:

  • Pride in Serving the People of your Community
  • Community Leader/Role Model
  • Opportunity to Save and Change Lives
  • Satisfaction of Succeeding in a Challenging and Rewarding Career
  • Be a Part of the Public Safety Family

The City of Hollister currently hires all Full time Firefighters from the Volunteer Firefighter Cadre. Anyone interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter for the City of Hollister should contact The City of Hollister Human Resources Office or Fire Station 1 for assistance with the application process. Candidates must obtain a CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) prior to employment.

Process to become a Volunteer Firefighter

  • Application
  • Physical Ability Test (C-PAT)
  • Oral Board Interview / Chief's Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Criminal Fingerprint Check
  • Medical Examination
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
  • Successful completion of Quality Assurance Board
  • Completion of Probationary Period one year after Hire Date

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