Fire History, 137 years of History

The Hollister Fire Department was established December 27, 1875 to serve then the Town of Hollister and its outlying areas. As with most fire departments of that time a Fireman’s Ball produced the budget, and staffing was all volunteer, with a compliment of 69 firemen including one Chief Engineer, and two Assistant Chief Engineers. The department turned out with three hose companies and one hook and ladder company to combat fire. According to the Fire department by-laws, the standard of cover was simple, “Fire Stations (hose barns) will be located where the fire rages the most.”

Hollister Fire Department Historical Facts
A 137 year legacy

The Beginning
{The first entry in the first Hollister Fire Department logbook}
Pursuant to a call. A large number of citizens met at San Benito hall on night of December 20 1875 for purpose of organizing a Fire Department for the Town of Hollister. Upon a motion it was agreed to form committees who would establish an organized Fire Department. The committees would recommend there be Three (3) Companies for fire protection. One (1) Hook And Ladder Co. with Twenty-five (25) Firemen and Two (2) Hose Companies with Twenty (20) firemen per Co. Bylaws were drafted and approved as the rules and regulations for the Hollister town Fire department. And so…. on the 27th day of December 1875 the Hollister Fire Department was established. A compliment of Three- (3) Companies and Sixty-nine (69) Firemen were appointed. The Fire Department was comprised of:

Chief Engineer
Hollister Hook and Ladder Co. Twenty-four (24) Firemen and One (1) Foreman (Fire Boss)
Alert Hose Co. No.“1” Nineteen (19) Firemen and One (1) Foreman (Fire Boss)
Wide Awake Hose Co. No.“2” Nineteen (19) Firemen and One (1) Foreman (Fire Boss)
Excelsior Hose Co. No. 3 {Augmented 1880}

Board of Delegates HFD
President, Treasurer, Secretary.

One (hand drawn) Hook and ladder cart. Two (hand drawn) Hose carts.

The Firemen’s Hall
Hook and ladder Co. and Hose Co. barns.

Where the Fire rages most

Area of response
The City of Hollister or immediate vicinity