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Hollister Fire Department has a rich history of men and women dedicated to providing their best service to protect the community. HFD has been serving the citizens of Hollister, CA since 1875. A few milestones that Hollister Fire has enjoyed through its 137 years of service. In the middle of the twentieth century, it moved from its beginnings as a volunteer department to becoming a paid (career) department. In the year 1999, Hollister Fire expanded its services to include a Fire Prevention Bureau. A second firehouse was added in 2003 providing the location needed to reduce response times for emergencies in our growing community. 2011 brought the long-awaited rebuild of Station 1 built originally as a tractor garage. In its place, a modern double-story Fire Department Headquarters was erected.

Newly expanded Hollister Fire Department is excited to be currently ushering in another milestone. While we have always stood ready to protect our community, early in 2013 we expanded our organization to provide fire protection services for two additional municipalities. We are welcoming San Benito County and the nearby city of San Juan Bautista under our umbrella.

Hollister Fire is an all-risk fire department providing services covering fire prevention (including building plan review, site inspections, public education) arson investigation, hazardous material releases, involvement with public events, medical aid requests, vehicle accidents, specialized rescue, and all types of fires. Our department has been hosting fire academies year-round with Evergreen Valley College for over a decade.

Providing shortened response times when answering emergency calls is top priority. To enable this, Hollister Fire Department has added two fire stations strategically located to provide for the largest foreseeable needs. We are busy here in Hollister! Along with greatly widening our protection borders, we are in the midst of expanding in two additional ways. We are multiplying our personnel resources by developing programs to host fire internships, and begin an explorer program for interested youth. We are growing safety measures for our citizens by assisting community oriented teams - Community Emergency Resource Team, our local amateur radio operators groups, and the Fire Safe Council of San Benito County. It is a pleasure to announce that our Department's future will include much additional training for your Fire personnel. They will be given many opportunities for professional growth.

When the Fire Prevention Bureau was initiated within Hollister Fire Department back in 1999, I was placed in charge of its inauguration. I developed an office that not only offered quality services, but brought in a new source of revenue to the Department. It is with that same enthusiasm that I embrace the challenges that are waiting to be overcome with these new pioneering contracts for our fire protection services. While this new chapter unfolds, I stand ready to lead the Department forward as we stretch our experience to incorporate new territory and new personnel.


Fire Prevention

For questions regarding Fire Prevention, Plan Review and Plan Submissions, please contact:

Alisia Corpuz – 831-636-4325 ext. 1510

Electronic Plan Submissions can be emailed to

Hard copy Plan Submissions can be mailed or dropped off at:

Hollister Fire Station 1
110 Fifth Street
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