Engineering Department

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:30am-Noon and 1:00pm-4:30 pm, Closed Fridays

Office Location
339 Fifth Street, Hollister, CA 95023
Mailing Address: 375 Fifth Street, Hollister, CA 95023
Phone: (831) 636-4340

Mission Statement
It is the mission of this department to be a source of information, assistance and responsive leadership for the protection of the Public interest in matters related to the planning, construction and preservation of the City's infrastructure and facilities.

The Engineering Section provides engineering and inspection of the City’s capital improvement projects and developer-initiated public improvement projects, as well as reviews, approves, and inspects street permit work, and provides engineering assistance to all other City departments. The Engineering Section also reviews, approves, and processes subdivision final maps, parcel maps, subdivision and single lot improvement plans. In addition, the Engineering Section responds to traffic questions and concerns.

The Engineering Section also provides support to the Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Airport Advisory Commission.

All Way Stop Control Analysis at Chappell Road and Maple Street (PDF File 2MB)
Address Application Packet (PDF File 600KB)
Pavement Condition Evaluation Report July 2021 (PDF File 926KB)
Bridge Road Outfall Full Capture System and Storm Water Improvements at the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant EIR (PDF File 3MB)
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Stormwater Improvement Plans Appendix A (PDF File 10MB)
Stormwater Management Post-Construction Requirements (Rev 2020-12-02) (PDF File 760MB)
Residential Fence Guidelines (PDF File 667KB)
2022-2023 Engineering Impact Fee Schedule (PDF File 157KB)
Engineering Fees - August 2021 (PDF File 1MB)
City of Hollister Residential and Commercial Impact Fee Schedule 2021-2022 (PDF File 1MB)
City of Hollister Policy for Consideration of Roundabouts (PDF File 700KB)
Highway 25 Widening Design Alternative Analysis (PDF File 11MB)
Regional Transportation Impact Mitigation Fee Nexus Study (PDF File 5MB)
City of Hollister Water Distribution System Master Plan (PDF File 12MB)
Sanitary Sewer Collection System Master Plan Update March 2018 (PDF File 11MB)
2018 Engineering and Traffic Survey (PDF File 4MB)
Subdivision Improvement Agreement (PDF File 80KB)
Lot Line Adjustment Application Packet rev. March 2022 (PDF File 887KB)
Community Facilities District No.1 Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF File 125KB)
RMA Special Tax CFD1 (PDF File 430KB)
Exhibit C CFD1 Levy for FY 2018 (PDF File 256KB)
Community Facilities District No. 2 Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF File 139KB)
Exhibit A - RMA Special Tax CFD2 (PDF File 1MB)
Exhibit C - Tax Levy CFD2 (PDF File 426KB)
Community Facilities District No. 4 Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF File 126KB)
Exhibit B - Tax Levy CFD4 (PDF File 238KB)
Exhibit C - RMA Special Tax CFD4 (PDF File 137KB)
Water Meter Connection Form (PDF File 36KB)
Encroachment Permit 2020(PDF File 283KB)
Hollister Pavement Management July 2016 Final Report (PDF File 3MB)
San Benito Street Re-Striping Presentation / Downtown Traffic Corridor Study (PDF File 2MB)
Downtown Traffic Corridor Study (PDF File 1MB)
Downtown Traffic Corridor Study Appendix (PDF File 4MB)
Transportation Permit (PDF File 39KB)
2017-2022 5 Year CIP Program and Budget (PDF File 10MB)
2016-2021 5 Year CIP Program and Budget (PDF File 12MB)
2014-2015 CIP Program and Budget (PDF File 10MB)
2012-2013 CIP Program and Budget (PDF File 11MB)
Sewer System Management Plan Development Guide (PDF File 745KB)
Grading Permit (PDF File 512KB)
LAFCO Application Outside Jurisdictional Boundries (PDF File 135KB)
Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements

Master Plans
Complete Streets Plan for Nash - Tres Pinos - Sunnyslope Roads and MCray Street (PDF File 24MB)
Safe Routes to School Traffic Study - Calaveras and R.O. Hardin Elementary Schools (PDF File 3MB)
Sanitary Sewer Collection System Master Plan (PDF File 46MB)
Storm Drain Master Plan (PDF File 37MB)
Park Facility Master Plan Adopted May 20, 2019 (PDF File 14MB)
San Benito County Bikeway and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF File 13MB)