Hollister General Plan

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The City of Hollister is embarking upon a major planning process to update the City’s General Plan, the document that guides development and conservation in the city over the next 20 years. To develop planning documents that reflect the community’s values and priorities, the General Plan Update will be a highly participatory process.

General Plan Advisory Committee Meetings
GPAC - June 4, 2020 Agenda (PDF File 166KB)

City of Hollister General Plan -Adopted December 2005

The current 2005-2023 Hollister General Plan Program was designed to provide a comprehensive land use plan for the City of Hollister to replace the Hollister General Plan which was adopted in 1976. The 2005-2023 General Plan as adopted is the culmination of a sequence of eleven reports produced as part of the General Plan Program for the City of Hollister. Prior reports prepared for review in this program have included:

  • Work Program, Schedule of Activities, and Guidelines
  • Issues and Policy Choices
  • Economic Background Report
  • Alternative Scenarios
  • Preliminary Draft General Plan
  • Preliminary Hearing Draft General Plan
  • Hearing Draft General Plan
  • Draft Environmental Impact Report
  • Preliminary Final Hearing Draft General Plan
  • Final Environmental Impact Report
  • Preliminary Final General Plan

The first report described the purpose of the General Plan Program, identified the roles of the participants and outlined the schedule leading to the adoption of the General Plan. The second report was designed to assist participants in defining the policy directions which would be reflected in the Alternative Scenarios document. The Economic Background Report provided information on recent trends in local employment, industrial/commercial activity and housing development in the Hollister area. The Draft Environmental Impact Report evaluated the environmental impacts which would be associated with the implementation of the Hearing Draft General Plan, and the Final Environmental Impact Report provided a response to comments received on the Draft Environmental Impact Report. In addition, the General Plan Program has included an analysis of the opportunities and constraints related to future development within the Hollister Planning Area, and a series of detailed traffic analyses. The Preliminary Draft General Plan, Preliminary Hearing Draft General Plan, Hearing Draft General Plan, Preliminary Final Hearing Draft General Plan and the Preliminary Final General Plan were each designed to provide the basis for discussions which would identify the modifications ultimately to be incorporated into the adopted General Plan document and map.

During the development of the 2005-2023 General Plan, local residents had the opportunity to contribute their views and insights on a number of occasions. The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC, formed in the spring of 1990) met frequently to discuss General Plan issues and to provide input for the documents prepared as part of the General Plan Program. CAC members provided a wide range of viewpoints regarding the goals and policies to be included in the Hollister General Plan. In addition, several public participation meetings enabled other local residents to express their views on the issues and policies to be addressed in the General Plan. Joint study sessions of the Planning Commission and City Council also provided information which was incorporated into the Preliminary Final General Plan, which was the subject of the City Council and Planning Commission Public Hearings that resulted in the adoption of the General Plan.

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