Utilities -Sewer

The City of Hollister Utilities Division office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. We are closed for lunch for from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Our Phone number is (831) 636-4377. In the case of an emergency please contact County Communications: (831) 636-4100. 

Responsible for water and sewer collection system, operations, and maintenance. Also responsible for leaf pickup and storm drain maintenance. Water, wastewater and street sweeping billing information is available from the City Finance Department at (831) 636-4301.

Wastewater Treatment
This division operates the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Domestic Water Reclamation Facility. The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant primarily treats waste from the tomato cannery located in the City. It also collects a portion of the City's storm water runoff. The Water Reclamation Facility treats domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater in the City of Hollister and produces Title 22 reclaimed water for park irrigation, airport greenery and ground water recharge.

For information or to report complaints, please contact the City of Hollister Engineering Department, Waste Water Treatment Division at (831) 636-4340.

Hollister Water Reclamation Facility Operations (Veolia) Contact information
Phone 831-637-7100
Fax 831-637-7177

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan
March 2018 Sanitary Sewer Collection System Master Plan Update (PDF File 11MB)
2017 Sanitary Sewer Management Plan has been broken into several parts and can be accessed here:
2017 SSMP - 1. Table of Contents and Executive Summary (PDF File 355KB)
2017 SSMP - 2. Goals (PDF File 88KB)
2017 SSMP - 3. Organization (PDF File 277KB)
2017 SSMP - 4. Legal Authority (PDF File 263KB)
2017 SSMP - 5. Standard Operating Procedures (PDF File 2.5MB)
2017 SSMP - 6. Design and Performance Provisions (PDF File 2MB)
2017 SSMP - 7. Overflow Emergency Response Plan (PDF File 2.8MB)
2017 SSMP - 8. Fats, Oils, and Grease Program (PDF File 648KB)
2017 SSMP - 9. System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan (PDF File 89KB)
2017 SSMP - 10. Monitoring, Measurement, and Program Modifications (PDF File 400KB)
2017 SSMP - 11. SSMP Program Audits (PDF File 158KB)
2017 SSMP - 12. Communication Program (PDF File 358KB)
Attachment - 2006 CA-WDR For Sanitary Sewer Systems (PDF File 143KB)
Attachment - 2010 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan CIP Program (PDF File 2MB)
Attachment - 2013 CA-WDR Amendment for Sanitary Sewer System (PDF File 368KB)
Attachment - 2015 SSMP Audit (PDF File 290KB)
Attachment - CCTV Report Examples (PDF File 89KB)
Attachment - CIP 5yr Program and Annual Budget (PDF File 1.4MB)
Attachment - Critical Parts and Equipment List (PDF File 85KB)
Attachment - Customer Contact Form (PDF File 201KB)
Attachment - High Priority Sewer Maintenance Areas (PDF File 99KB)
Attachment - Lift Station Atlas Map (PDF File 93KB)
Attachment - Lift Station Information (PDF File 132KB)
Attachment - Lift Station Log (PDF File 73KB)
Attachment - Manhole Observation and Inspection Report (PDF File 127KB)
Attachment - Sewer Line Cleaning and Manhole Inspection Log (PDF File 79KB)
Attachment - Sewer System Atlas Map (PDF File 62MB)
Attachment - West Street Diversion Project (PDF File 3MB)

Annual Reports

City of Hollister 2011 Annual Report (PDF File 11MB)
Appendix A-1 Water Supply Monitoring 2011 (PDF File 14KB)
Appendix A-2 Groundwater Monitoring (PDF File 19KB)
Figure 1a - Brigantino Park Location (PDF File 4MB)
Figure 1b - Hollister Airport Location (PDF File 235KB)
Figure 2a - Brigantino Park Soils (PDF File 3MB)
Figure 2b - Hollister Airport Soils (PDF File 190KB)
Figure 3 - Daily ETo Variance Report (PDF File 58KB)
Appendix A-1- Brigantino Soil Physical Properties (PDF File 39KB)
Appendix A-2 Airport Soil Physical Properties (PDF File 39KB)
Appendix C-Recycled Water program (PDF File 136KB)
Appendix C-1 - Brigantino RZWB (PDF File 15KB)
Appendix C-2 - Hollister Airport RZWB (PDF File 15KB)
Appendix_D_NMP_2010 (PDF File 256KB)
Figure 1 - Use Area Locations (PDF File 557KB)
Figure 2 - Brigantino Monitoring Well Locations (PDF File 819KB)
Figure 3 - Hollister Airport Monitoring Well Locations (PDF File 673KB)

City of Hollister 2010 Annual Report (PDF File 280KB)
Figure 3 - DWTP Monitoring Well Locations (PDF File 676KB)
Figure 4 - Use Area Locations (PDF File 557KB)
Figure 5 - Brigantino Monitoring Well Locations (PDF File 819KB)
Figure 6 - Hollister Airport Monitoring Well Locations (PDF File 673KB)
Figure 7 - Salt Loading on Use Areas (PDF File 221KB)
Figure 8 - Salinity Flowchart (PDF File 87KB)
Appendix A-1 Water Supply Monitoring Results (PDF File 13KB)
Appendix A-2 HWRF Annual Influent Monitoring Results 2010 (PDF File 28KB)
Appendix A-3-a HWRF Annual Effluent Monitoring Results 2010 (PDF File 29KB)
Appendix A-3-b Effluent Monitoring Results 2010 (PDF File 646KB)
Appendix A-3-c Effluent Monnitor Results Turbidity CL2 Charts (PDF File 805KB)
Appendix A-3-d Hollister WRF Annual Constituents Parameters (PDF File 10KB)
Brigantino Park Water Audit (PDF File 335KB)
Appendix C Hollister Off-spec Contingency Plan revised Dec 09 (PDF File 26KB)
Appendix D NMP 2010 (PDF File 256KB)
Appendix F-6 Irrigation Calculations (PDF File 331KB)

Additional Information
Maintenance Record 2010 Annual Report Revised 02-23-11 (PDF File 2MB)
Recycled Water Use Manual and Rules of Service (PDF File 136KB)
Hrp 2009-10 settleable matter method certification letter 110127 (PDF File 31KB)
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Program (PDF File 70KB)