Utilities -Sewer

The City of Hollister Utilities Division office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. We are closed for lunch for from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Our Phone number is 831.636.4377. In the case of an emergency please contact County Communications: 831.636.4100.

Responsible for water and sewer collection system, operations, and maintenance. Also responsible for leaf pickup and storm drain maintenance. Water, wastewater and street sweeping billing information is available from the City Finance Department at 831.636.4301.

Wastewater Treatment
This division operates the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Domestic Water Reclamation Facility. The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant primarily treats waste from the tomato cannery located in the City. It also collects a portion of the City's storm water runoff. The Water Reclamation Facility treats domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater in the City of Hollister and produces Title 22 reclaimed water for park irrigation, airport greenery and ground water recharge.

For information or to report complaints, please contact the City of Hollister Engineering Department, Waste Water Treatment Division at 831.636.4340.

Hollister Water Reclamation Facility Operations (Veolia) Contact information
Phone: 831.637.7100
Fax: 831.637.7177

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

City of Hollister Domestic Wastewater System Improvements and San Benito County Water District Recycled Water Facility Project - Final Environmental Impact Report

Volume I and II

1. Final Environmental Impact Report - Volume I & II (PDF File 60KB)
2. Volume I - Response to Comments (PDF File 2.6MB)
3. Attachment A - Written Comment Letters (PDF File 1.4MB)
4. Attachment B - Public Hearing Transcript (PDF File 983KB)
5. Volume II - Final EIR Text (PDF File 392KB)
6. Section 1.0 - Executive Summary (PDF File 3.7MB)
7. Section 2.0 - Introduction (PDF File 1.7MB)
8. Section 3.0 - Project Description (PDF File 2.6MB)
8.1 - Figure 3-2 (PDF File 939KB)
8.1 - Figure 3-6 (PDF File 420KB)
9. Section 4.0 - Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures (PDF File 17.1MB)
9.1 - Figure 4.3-9 (PDF File 603KB)
9.1 - Figure 4.4-1 (PDF File 1.5MB)
9.1 - Figure 4.4-2 (PDF File 1.5MB)
9.1 - Figure 4.4-3 (PDF File 1.1MB)
10. Section 5.0 - CEQA Required Sections (PDF File 2.2MB)
11. Section 6.0 - Alternatives (PDF File 1.7MB)
12. Section 7.0 - References (PDF File 515KB)
13. Section 8.0 - Report Preparation and Persons-Organizations Consulted (PDF File 314KB)
14. Section 9.0 - Acronyms (PDF File 481KB)

Volume III

1. Final Environmental Impact Report - Volume III - FEIR Appendices (PDF File 295KB)
2. Appendix A - Notice of Preparation (PDF File 1.8MB)
3. Appendix B - Comment Letters on Notice of Preparation (PDF File 198KB)
4. Appendix C - Initial Study (PDF File 3.7MB)
5. Appendix D - City of Hollister Long-Term Wastewater Management Program (PDF File 24MB)
6. Appendix E - Phase I Effluent Management Project Technical Memorandum (PDF File 4.5MB)
7. Appendix F - Groundwater Modeling Technical Memorandum (PDF File 1.5MB)
8. Appendix G - List of Species Occurring in the Project Area (PDF File 381KB)
9. Appendix H - CNDDB, CNPS, and FWS 9-quad query results (PDF File 849KB)
10. Appendix I - NAHC Correspondence (PDF File 2.2MB)
11. Appendix J - EDR Reports (PDF File 6.7MB)
12. Appendix K - URBEMIS Calculations (PDF File 634KB)
13. Appendix L - AMBAG Consistency Determination (PDF File 391KB)

Annual Reports

Additional Information