Operations and Maintenance – Streets

The Streets Division is responsible for street and sidewalk maintenance, including patching, striping, and signage. The Fleet Division is responsible for Street Sweeping.

For information, complaints, or to report problems, please contact the City of Hollister Public Works Department, Operations and Maintenance Section at 831.636.4370.

Street Sweeping Information
2019 Street Sweeping Map

City of Hollister Tree Planting Specifications

  • One tree shall be planted on a standard lot. Two trees on a corner lot if applicable.
  • Tree shall be planted in center of planter strip between sidewalk and curb, 10 feet away from utilities, 10 feet away from driveway and 30 feet from the corner or stop sign. Monolithic areas, tree shall be planted 10 feet from the curb.
  • All trees shall be subjected to inspection for quality, size and variety.
  • Pruning shall be limited to the minimum necessary to remove injured branches and to shape the tree. Topping is not permitted.
  • Residents are required to contact USA (Underground Service Alert) at 811 before or prior to any excavation. https://newtinb.digalert.org/direct/
  • City staff will mark a white sport on the curb where tree is to be planted. A 24-hour notice is required for marking inspection.
  • Waiting for a permit decision A city employee will visit the location. Not all locations are suitable for a tree. If your tree permit  is denied the Streets Division supervisor will inform you.

 You must submit a permit from the City of Hollister Public Works before removing/planting/trimming any street tree. Doing so without a permit can result in a citation and additional penalties may apply.

Should you have any questions please contact the City of Hollister Public Works Department at 831.636.4370. You can submit your permit by emailing them to meilin.delgado@hollister.ca.gov.

Street Tree List (PDF File 96KB)
Tree Permit (PDF File 78KB)