Please select the above buttons to view current job vacancies or to access the City’s online application.

If you are unable to access the online application, please visit City Hall or the City’s Administrative Services building to pick up a hard-copy application. This is on an as-need basis and should not be used if you are able to access the online application. Addresses for both locations are listed below:

City Hall
375 Fifth Street
Hollister, CA 95023

Administrative Services
327 Fifth Street
Hollister, CA 95023

All hard-copy applications are to be submitted to the Human Resources Department located in the Administrative Services building by 4:30pm on the final filing date.

Online Application FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the pdf of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) above. If you cannot find the answer to your question on the FAQs page, please contact the City’s Human Resources Department.

City of Hollister Human Resources Division contact information:

Diana Hillstock
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 831.636.4301 ext. 1124
Email: diana.hillstock@hollister.ca.gov

Sydnee Vega
Human Resources Technician I
Phone: 831.636.4301 ext. 1118
Email: sydnee.vega@hollister.ca.gov

Recreation Department Opportunities (View Job Vacancies for details)


  • Adult Softball Umpires
  • Adult Softball Scorekeepers


  • Youth Flag Football Officials
  • Swim Instructors
  • Lifeguards / Swim Instructors
  • Sr. Lifeguard


  • Youth Soccer Officials


  • Youth Basketball Officials
  • Adult Basketball Officials
  • Adult Basketball Scorekeepers

Recreation Volunteer Positions

  • Wheelchair Soccer: Year Round
  • Youth T-Ball Coaches: June 15 - August 15
  • Youth Softball Coaches: June 15 - August 15
  • Youth Flag Football Coaches: June - July
  • Youth Soccer Coaches: August - September
  • Youth Basketball Coaches: September - November
  • Breakfast with Santa: December 3