Cannabis Affairs

City of Hollister Cannabis Affairs Office
339 Fifth Street
Hollister, CA 95023
831.636.4356 ext. 1253

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:30am-Noon and 1:00pm-4:30 pm, Closed Fridays

Commercial Cannabis License Application Process Overview  (PDF File 70KB)
Cannabis Business Tax Return Form 2020 (PDF File 143KB)

State of California Cannabis Portal


State of California Cannabis Portal to search Cannabis Licenses and report unlicensed businesses.


Cannabis Businesses Currently Operating in Hollister
Business Name                         Address

BUSTAN                                          1091 San Felipe Road

Euphoric Life Inc.                          807 Industrial Drive

Higher Level of Care Hollister    1802 Shelton Drive

High Sierra Analytics                    1851 Airway Drive Suite 104A

Hollister Holistics 3                      1802 Shelton Drive

3GM Inc.                                         1891 Airway Drive

Cannabis Facilities Allowed

License Type Minimum Development Agreement Fee
Dispensary (M) storefront only * 5% of Gross Sales
Cultivation (M,A) $7 Per Square Foot of Canopy
Manufacturing (M, A) 5% of Gross Sales
Laboratory Testing (M, A) 5% of Gross Sales
Distribution (M,A) 5% of Gross Sales
Delivery (for storefront dispensaries only) 5% of Gross Sales
M= Medical         A= Adult
*Dispensary licenses are no longer available.   Retailer (non-storefront) Licenses are not available or permitted including delivery.

Buffer Requirements

The following buffer requirements apply to both medical and adult-use cannabis facilities

Sensitive Use Buffer Requirement
Private or Public School 600 Feet
Conforming Residential Uses 150 Feet
Conforming Religious Institutions 150 Feet
Licensed Rehabilitation Facilities 150 Feet
All Cannabis operations shall be conducted only in the interior of an indoor structure

Zoning Requirements

Business Type Zoning District
Cannabis License Residential Commercial NG Industrial MI IBP Special Purpose Zones AS Mixed Use WG
Dispensary N Y Y Y N
Cultivation N Y Y Y Y
Manufacturing N Y Y Y Y
Distribution Testing N Y Y Y Y
N= Not permitted


NG= North Gateway      IBP=Industrial Business Park

AS= Airport Support      WG West Gateway

Application Fees

  • New Application: $8812.80
  • Regulatory Permit Renewal: $6,441.40
  • Amended Registration: $3,220.70

Prior to operating in the City and as a condition of issuance of a Regulatory Permit, each cannabis facility shall enter into a Development Agreement with the City setting forth the terms and conditions under which the cannabis facility will operate.

Hollister Cannabis Process


The City Council approves the Application for Cannabis Facility Regulatory Permit based on the Application in the form of a Resolution.


The City Manager or designee shall administer the following three stage process for the screening and evaluation of cannabis facility regulatory permit applications:

Stage 1 – Applicant and Facility Eligibility:

Stage 1 of the cannabis facility regulatory permit application process considers the eligibility of the application and the proposed facility according to the following procedure:

  1. The application is evaluated for completeness, including the execution of any required agreements accompanying the application form and the following documentation;
    • Copy of the applicant’s Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization;
    • Copy of the applicant’s bylaws or operating agreement;
    • Copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Status issued by the California Secretary of State;
    • Copy of the applicant’s Entity Status Letter from the California Franchise Tax Board;
    • The applicant’s Federal Employer Identification Number;
    • Evidence of the legal right for the applicant to occupy and use the property for a cannabis facility. In the event that the applicant is not the owner of record of the property, the applicant must provide a notarized statement from the owner of the property acknowledging and consenting to use of the property as a cannabis facility by the applicant; and
    • The identification of any individual with a financial interest in the applicant including the address, phone number, email address, description of percentage ownership interest, and copies of government issued identification for each individual;
  1. The proposed location is evaluated for conformance with the zoning and sensitive use restrictions contained in Section 5.42.160 of the Municipal Code; which shall include a reliable mapping of the proposed location and distances to all sensitive uses, satellite mapping is preferred;
  2. Each applicant under the application will undergo a Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Records Check conducted by the City Police Department pursuant to Section 5.42.060 of the Municipal Code; which may include Live Scan and any indicated follow-up investigation; and
  3. Government issued identification to determine that each applicant, manager, and employee of the cannabis facility is over eighteen (18) years of age and that no applicant, manager, or employee of the cannabis facility is a licensed physician making patient recommendations for cannabis pursuant to Section 5.42.070 of the Municipal Code.

All eligible applications will move onto Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Applicant and Facility Evaluation:

  1. In the initial portion of Stage 2, applications are reviewed for the various components of the application requirements under the Municipal Code as follows:
    • Qualifications of the applicants, managers, and employees
    • Comprehensive site plan and floor plan of the facility which includes the dimensions of the interior floor plan; location of all exist doors, width of doors and panic hardware; principal uses of the floor area including, storage areas and restricted areas.
      • Photographic evidence accurately depicting the entire interior and exterior of the proposed site(s), including entrance(s), including entrance(s), street frontage(s), parking, front, rear and sides of the proposed site.
    • Security plan demonstrating compliance with Chapter 5.42 of the Municipal Code and this Resolution
      • Identification of companies providing security services, including California Business, PPO.
      • Identification of a security liaison
      • Identification physical security measures
      • Identification of surveillance system coverage and recording
      • Number of security personnel.
      • 24-hour and off-business hour security, surveillance and monitoring.
      • Detailed description of security plan including security diagrams
      • Fire and emergency response plan.
    • Business plan including financial information, revenue and expense projections, capital investment and operating reserves
    • Community benefits plan with a dedicated Community Liaison
    • Plan for preference in hiring City of Hollister residents at 200% above the “Living wage” for the Federal Poverty Level for a family of two
    • Employee manual, benefits and vacation pay plan
    • Preference to participate in clinical or academic research seeking to understand the efficacy and adverse effects of cannabis as a pharmacological agent.
    • Procedures for inventory control including a detailed description of inventory tracking software and procedures
    • The odor management plan, including a detailed description of the ventilation system used in the cannabis facility including but not limited to how the ventilation systems prevent odor from escaping the building and how to mitigate the noxious fumes or gases.
    • Signage plan
    • Policies and procedures for adopting, monitoring, implementing, and enforcing all other requirements of Chapter 5.42 of the Municipal Code
    • Proposed development agreement with no less than a square footage rate of Seven Dollars ($7.00) a per square foot of canopy or Five Percent (5%) of gross sales, whichever is applicable to the City
  2. In the subsequent portion of Stage 2, a committee appointed by the City Manager or designee evaluates the applicants. The committee may also consider community input, site inspection results, the feasibility of the business, and the viability of the proposed location.

The committee’s evaluation will be included with the application when presented to the City Council in Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Applicant and Facility Selection:

Stage 3 of the cannabis facility regulatory permit application process requires the City Council to make the final determination on whether to issue or deny cannabis facility regulatory permit applications according to the following procedure:

  1.  The City Manager or designee shall prepare a report bringing forward to the City Council the points scored by the application in the initial portion of Stage 2 and the committee’s evaluation in the subsequent portion of Stage 2;
  2. The application shall be properly included on the agenda of a City Council meeting as a public hearing, and the above report shall be presented to the City Council and public
  3. The applicants shall attend the public hearing to answer any additional questions and potentially make a presentation to the City Council and public; and
  4. The City Council shall determine whether to issue or deny the cannabis facility regulatory permit the application; in so doing the City Council may impose such additional terms and conditions on the issuance or renewal of the regulatory permit and the operation of the facility as the City Council deems appropriate.