About Hollister

We call it home! Hollister, a town with Central California independence and charm, was established by ranchers and farmers in 1872. Throughout Hollister's history, people who have settled here have talked of being fortunate to reside in such a remarkable community.

Hollister, while being one of the fastest growing communities in California during the past decade, still maintains the quality of living that has brought people here from around the world. Through natural disasters and tough economic times, the people of Hollister have shown resilience and a special pride in Community that is unsurpassed.

The land, like the people of Hollister, has strength and charm, far enough away from crowds to offer very competitive prices for undeveloped property, yet close enough to city conveniences to share a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Located in San Benito County, Hollister is served by major California highways and has one of the few remaining executive airports in the country.

Open, accessible, and friendly - the people of Hollister and the land can bring it home for you.

City History

Hollister is the largest community in San Benito County with a population of 36,599. The City was named for Colonel W.W. Hollister in 1868 by the Rancho San Justo Homestead Association of farmers. Colonel Hollister drove the first flock of sheep across the continent and acquired the San Justo grant, the location of the community. At the first town meeting, a dispute arose over its name.

It was suggested that it be called San Justo. However, one person protested so strongly against adding one more name to the growing list of saints’ names in California, that San Justo was rejected. Hollister was incorporated on March 26, 1872.

Hollister has more than tripled its population within the last quarter century. In 1980, the census figures put the population of Hollister at 11,488.

City Facts

Hollister is located in San Benito County (of which it is the county seat) just northeast of Salinas between Gilroy and San Juan Bautista along Highway 156 near the San Luis Reservoir.

Incorporated: August 6, 1872

Form of Government: Council/Manager (Mayor-at-Large and 4 member City Council elected by district, by the citizens of Hollister). The City Manager is appointed by the City Council as Chief Administrator.
City Council District Map (491KB)

Population: 43,346 (2020 Census) Census Bureau Quick Facts - Hollister