West Gateway Project Receives $1 Million Grant

Hollister — The City of Hollister is receiving a $1,078,000 Active Transportation Program grant through the California Transportation Commission to improve bicycle and pedestrian access in west Hollister. The West Gateway Project, scheduled for construction in the year 2020/2021, includes a comprehensive approach to improving access and mobility of all users of the City’s transportation network. Project improvements will transform Fourth Street between Westside Boulevard and Graf Road from its existing highway design to a pedestrian and bicycle friendly roadway. Project highlights include:

* Adding high visibility crosswalks and curb extensions to shorten crossing distances for pedestrians at several intersections along Fourth Street and near Calaveras Elementary School

* Filling sidewalk gaps along Fourth Street

* Incorporating on-street parking

* Addressing gaps to existing bike lanes along Fourth Street

* Adding bike lanes on Central Avenue-Third with a connection to Fourth Street from Bridgevale and Bridge Road.

One of the City’s top scoring portions of the grant application was public engagement. In particular, the efforts of Councilmember Mickie Solorio Luna contributed to the success of community participation by hosting several community meetings in District 2 where the project is located. Councilmember Luna specifically expressed her appreciation to the residents who shared their comments and support of the improvements planned for the area. The City of Hollister would also like to extend a special thank you to state Sen. Anthony Cannella and Assembly member Luis Alejo for their letters of support and for continually advocating for citywide projects. Other key partners that contributed to the success of the grant include the Council of San Benito County Governments (COG), Hollister School District, San Benito County Office of Education and the residents and business owners that participated in community meetings.

For more information on the West Gateway Project, please contact Mary Paxton with the City Of Hollister Development Services at (831) 636-4316, Extension 16 or email at mary.paxton@hollister.ca.gov.

Press Release for Staff Recommends City of Hollister Cycle 3 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Funding (PDF File 423KB)

The City of Hollister is now eligible to apply for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds through the California Transportation Commission to advance the project construction to 2018 instead of 2020/21. The community can support this application by emailing your pledge of support for the “Safe Connections and Complete Streets for West Hollister” grant application to mary.paxton@hollister.ca.gov and share your views on the need for the project. Here are a few examples: The pedestrian and bicycle improvements will…

* make walking and bicycling an easy choice for residents and workers in west Hollister improve air quality

* improve air quality for residents in west Hollister who suffer from asthma

* help combat high rates of obesity for residents in our community

* improve safety and help stop speeding in west Hollister

* improve access to medical services and healthy foods on Fourth Street in an economically disadvantaged area of Hollister

* transform Fourth Street to a pedestrian friendly street in the commercial hub of west Hollister and fulfill the vision for mixed use, sustainable infill development

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