Park Facility Master Plan Draft 2018 Available

This Park Facility Master Plan update will assess existing facilities and resources and recommend future priority projects and potential funding mechanisms. The previous Master Plan was completed in 2002, over 15 years ago, in a very different planning and development context in the City of Hollister. The goal of this update is to enable the City of Hollister to continue to provide parks and recreation facilities for its constituents which provide safe, inclusive opportunities for all members of the community.

This Master Plan provides a current inventory and assessment of the City of Hollister’s parks and recreation resources at this point in time. The Master Plan involved a public feedback component, which influenced both the recommendations for existing and future City parks assets as well as the conceptual master plan for the development of the Water Reclamation Recreational Facility.

This Master Plan provides best practices taken from comparable benchmark communities and provides general and specific recommendations for future park development projects. Recommendations regarding future joint use agreements to maximize City facilities, as well as a compiled overview of potential funding mechanisms, will assist in future implementation decisions regarding parks and recreation facilities.

The City of Hollister Recreation Division lists its purpose in its website byline, “Improving your quality of life since 1977.” Improving the quality of life for its citizens is an ambitious and forward-thinking approach to municipal recreation management. This statement establishes a dynamic vision for the City as it continues to develop its parks and recreation facilities and programming.

Build-out of the Water Reclamation Recreational Facility will provide expanded interface with the natural ecosystem and native landscape typology. Opportunities for education about cutting-edge water saving technology and traditional water management practices may be introduced at existing parks. Overall health, safety, and well-being of the community can be supported by the introduction of phased improvements at both existing and proposed facilities.

Park Facility Master Plan 2018 (PDF File 20MB)

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