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    CITY OF HOLLISTER OFFICERS TO BE VOTED ON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council Member(s) and City Treasurer Candidate Nomination Period have been extended 5 days for the consolidated General Election which will be held in the City of Hollister on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, for the followi Read More...

  • New Ways to Pay Your Utility Bill!!

    Avoid the line and pay Online at Or Pay by Phone at 1-833-208-7230                                     Read More...

  • Park Facility Master Plan Draft 2018 Available

    This Park Facility Master Plan update will assess existing facilities and resources and recommend future priority projects and potential funding mechanisms. The previous Master Plan was completed in 2002, over 15 years ago, in a very different planning and development context in the City of Holliste Read More...

  • Water and Sewer Rates for 2018

    Starting January 1, 2018, water and sewer rates will increase to the following: Meter Service Charge                                                                                                  Co Read More...

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To the community. This is going to be a very simplistic explanation on why we have odors emanating from the industrial ponds.

First, everyone should know that the canning season lasts from the beginning of July to late September early October depending on the growing season. The process water ( tomato skins and water) is transmitted primarily via a storm drain line to the treatment ponds located at the end of South Street. A very important distinction is this discharge is not sewage. Again, just tomatoes and water. San Benito foods sends over 2 million gallons of process water to the treatment facility everyday.

Tomatoes are very acidic. So for the treatment process to work effectively the ph at the cannery should be high. As the process water makes its way through the lines to the treatment facility the ph levels naturally drop.

At the plant the treatment process is biological. There are organisms "bugs" that thrive in that environment that eat the solids and treat the water prior to percolation. In order for the bugs to do well they need oxygen. Optimum DO should be around 2.5. It appears that on Thursday of last week ph levels and DO levels were not conducive for optimum conditions for the bugs to survive.

This is a very sensitive environment and it doesn't take many variables to have a big impact on the treatment process. In addition, since this process is biological, changes in the environmental make-up in the ponds can take several days to correct itself.

I feel it's necessary to tell everyone that San Benito foods and the plant operator go through a pre start-up routine every year. This year was no different and the ponds worked properly for about a month of the season.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We truly have an outstanding team working on making necessary adjustments.
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Reminder : we ask you to please not park your vehicles in areas in which signage has been posted for road repair activities . Your cooperation not only allow us to finish road repairs more quickly, but it also eliminates the possibility of getting your vehicle towed.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our City streets.
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